The Weight of Parenting

When your kids are younger, the weight is all physical.

Walking countless miles with a newborn in your arms, wearing a path in the floor during the darkest hours of the night.

Toddlers being pushed in strollers, on swings, or in grocery carts.

Children who fall asleep on you as you press your hand against their sweaty forehead trying to determine if their fever is too high.

Lifting, carrying, holding, pushing, hugging….the weight is all physical.

But in the teen years there is much less physicality because your kids are more independent. That’s when the load turns into a mental weight that at times is even heavier to bear.

Will the friends they are with drive carefully?
Is he late because he forgot the time or is he hurt?
Will she be able to walk away from the group of girls who are treating her badly?
Will he succumb to the peer pressure?
That first love that turns into broken heart and you ache wanting to take away the pain.
The stress they feel over exams and life decisions.

It all bears a weight on your heart and mind.

And you wish for those days of wearing a path in the floor during the darkest hours because it seems less heavy than waiting in the dark until you hear the door open and know they are home, safe again, for another day.


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