As The Road Turns

The thing is, you don’t necessarily see the turn in the road until it’s upon you.

I wasn’t expecting a turn in my road. My road has already been quite turny this year, I have had enough turns. It’s, in fact, more like a tangled ball of yarn I’ve been desperately trying to unknot but to no avail. For every knot I unsnarl, a new one appears.

So when I arrived at camp, I wasn’t expecting a new turn. All I really wanted was to hang out with my friend Lisa, go to a few fitness classes, and just, well…be. Untangling yarn roads is exhausting.

What I ended up getting was so much more.

I had missed Fall Fit Camp the previous year. My older son being scheduled for dental surgery the day we were to leave threw a wrench into the plans. Even though I was 99% sure he would be fine, I couldn’t fathom leaving him on his own for the weekend, recovering. There was no hesitation when I backed out.

But things happen for a reason. If I had attended last year, it would have impacted the classes I enrolled in this year. I’m more of a heavy hitter when it comes to fitness. Give me the HIIT programs, beach bootcamps, and a fireman challenge. Those would have been my choices full-stop. I’d rather run down a forest trail than find my downward dog.

But this year I went with the flow and signed up for whatever Lisa suggested which turned out to be classes that focused more on mindfulness and meditation than sweating.

This is how I found myself walking silently through the woods early on a Sunday morning with  30+ other women, tears streaming down my face. I won’t bore you with the details but everything Vanessa from Sister Soulace said hit me directly in the heart. Fear was at the crux of so much of my entanglement. Fear of the unknown, fear of my own abilities, fear of not being successful. Not knowing what the hell I was doing with my life.

There is something incredibly powerful about being in nature surrounded by a group of like-minded women. Women from all walks of life, different sizes and shapes, age ranges across the spectrum.

All looking to take away something different from the experience.

I didn’t even realize I was looking to get anything out of it except for a few days away. I had been too busy trying to find scissors and take the shortcut to untangling my stupid snarled road.

For years I’ve been interested in fitness. Ever since I tried speed skating and then threw my hat into the ring for a few triathlons (Yo! Swimming just ain’t my thing). I’ve read hundreds of articles, soaked in information, encouraged friends in their fitness pursuits, coached kids both on and off the ice. This has been in the back of my mind for years but I kept pushing it down further and further into the recesses.

Within one hour of coming home from camp, I signed up to get certified as a personal trainer.

The thing is, you don’t necessarily see the turn in the road until it’s upon you.

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