Day One Self-Isolation: Everything is Shiny and Bright

It seems I have time on my hands. Lots of time. Nothing but time, really.

The dog’s going to be getting a lot of walks in these coming weeks.

Yesterday, my employer made the difficult decision to shut down his business for, as of right now, two weeks. It’s a health club, one-on-one personal training. Not very COVID friendly. The coaches are now offering online training as an option and a number of our members have taken them up on it which is fantastic because we need to keep our health at this time and it’s waytooeasy to Netflix the shit out of our couches.

I’m still doing work at home for the next two weeks but after that, who knows? That’s the question of the hour, isn’t it? Everyone is in a who knows state of mind which bears no resemblance to a new york state of mind <–obscure reference alert.

So with all the time on my hands, lots of time, nothing but time, I’m documenting this. But in order to write about Day One I need to go back in time two days to Sunday when my boys decided to hang out with me in the living room and play the fun game “name all the things mom does to irritate us” which is apparently, a lot, and includes, but is not limited to:

Parking too far away from the store in parking lots
Changing the radio stations far too much
Just being in my own house


So this should be fun! Wheeeeeee!

My sons are also unemployed. The restaurant they work at shut down until further notice. The older son was called in with several other employees to cook all the food that would have gone bad, divvy it up, and take it home.

My summer body is on hold until further notice.

Steps Taken Today: 12,000+
Sleep: 6/10
Stress: 4/10




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