Anyone Else Exhausted as F*ck?

Back in March, I was going to write every day, my COVID diary so to speak. That lasted all of two days.

When I look back on that second day, our numbers seemed so high. Little did I realize how naive I was. But at the time, in all honesty, I was viewing it as a bit of a vacation. I left work on the day we closed and said jovially, “See you on the other side,” having no clue as to how long or how serious this was.

Now I know.

It’s been five months. Over 815,000 people have died. That’s over 815,000 people who would still be here. Over 815,000 families mourning a loss.

And there are people who still won’t wear f*cking masks. I can’t even.

I don’t know about you, but I’m managing to get through the days, adjusting to new routines and schedules, though not entirely unscathed. My sleep is sporadic, partially due to anxiety and partially due to menopause.

Is it COVID or is it a hot flash is a fun game I like to play at 3am. Followed closely by is it COVID or allergies.

My gawd… the allergies. April, May, and up until mid-June were 80 days of an itchy throat, watery eyes, stuffy nose, and dry cough. It caused me so much anxiety I had a thermometer by my pillow so I could take my temperature any time I woke during the night. Then there was the July reprieve only to have it double down in August. Ragweed anyone?

Needless to say, sleeping with a stuffy nose isn’t conducive to…well… sleep. Nothing like waking up to a dried piece of leather, a.k.a. your tongue, in your mouth and dried, crusty drool marks on your face every morning.

Any-the-hoo, my bed sees a lot of action but only from my tossing and turning.

In the meantime, I’ve found something that really helps with my puffy, allergy, sleep-deprived eyes. I liked this roller so much I bought one for my friend, Lisa.


I’m obsessed with it because it stays cold for over 30 minutes and it’s soothing as f*ck. So much better than an ice pack (too cold) or putting spoons in the freezer that defrost before their work is done.

I may be exhausted but at least now my eyes have a fighting chance.


BTW, this is an affiliate link. Buy it, don’t buy it. It’s cool either way.


Get it?

2 thoughts on “Anyone Else Exhausted as F*ck?

  1. Sounds like you haven’t been having much fun. Hang in there. I was going to read SO MUCH! I didn’t, and somehow the days zoomed by. Never bored.


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