My Back To School Shopping List

Remember when the pandemic first began and we were all baking bread and figuring out how to drink wine with friends on Zoom? I miss those simpler times when I didn’t have to decide if sending my son to school would kill people in our family.

March feels like 72 years ago.

So, yes. Back to school or what I like to call the Impossibleous Desicionous.

We’ve made our decision, difficult as it was. But I think about the people who don’t have the privilege of making a decision, they have to send their kids whether they want to or not. Or parents of children with special needs, like my friend Lisa, who won’t send their kids because the system can’t keep them safe.

If anything, 2020 has given me a sh*tload of perspective. For instance, our van’s transmission broke and it’s going to be a shitload of money to fix it but a broken transmission feels small compared to sending your kid back school decisions.

On a scale of 1 to f*cked up, 2020 is an overachiever.

In the meantime, I walk to alleviate my stress, 5 to 10k every day. The title of my memoir after this is all over will be, “And So She Walked.” Alternate titles include, but are not limited to:

What’s The Least Amount a Person Can Sleep and Still Live?
A Squirrel Peed On My Phone 
Dear Kids: Stop Eating The Chips I Hid

My dog has lost two pounds. I, on the other hand, have put on, well, just nevermind. But it’s not pretty.  Whereisthefairnessinthat?

So now that the decision is made, I bought some back to school items. No pens and paper just yet. Mostly because I’m in denial about how this whole school year is going to play out.

Nope, I bought important things. Like this forehead thermometer (affiliate link, y’all) which shows your temp in less than two seconds and also has a green screen if your temp is A-okay, a yellow screen if it’s in the ‘be cautious’ zone, and red if you have a fever, since teen-boy will have to take his temperature every day and I know myself well enough that we would run out of those plastic cover thingys for our ear thermometer within 30 days.

I also invested in a bunch of different masks to try to find the one that will be most comfortable for him. I was going to make a joke about buying wine but you know what? This has become a huge problem for a lot of women and we need to stop normalizing drinking because we’re stressed. But that’s just me.

In related news, I miss the old normal.

As a complete aside, a few days ago I made the mistake of looking at sponsored posts on Instagram and now every time I open my computer or phone I’m inundated with no bra shirts and paint by number ads, in case you were wondering where my head is at.

2 thoughts on “My Back To School Shopping List

  1. You are the poster child for leaving blogs on my blog roll. I might not have known you’d started blogging again without it. So yay you! And my laziness, yay too!

    I’m so glad I don’t have to decide about school for kids. It’s a no win situation all round. I’ve heard of small groups of parents trying to work out how to safely home school a small group of kid friends. The word bubble seemed to be used a lot, but I think the idea has promise.

    As for going back to school in the traditional sense (only if you view traditional in a time frame measured in a few generations) I think it’s a nightmare for all involved, kids, parents, and every adult in that school building for whatever reason.

    And never look at the sponsored posts. It’s worse that reading the comments on web news sites.


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