Let’s Lean Into The Good

Welp, it’s October and planet earth is still a shit show. The west coast fires are continuing to burn, we’ve pretty much fucked up the planet and record sea temperatures have been now been documented, and the first presidential debate was so anxiety-producing even my weighted blanket needed a weighted blanket.

Fuck you, Trump.

Earlier this week I was trying to be positive and cheerful with a co-worker but it was way too far outside my comfort zone so now I’m back to pragmatic and slightly pessimistic.

Does anyone else miss Friday night trips to Blockbuster, perusing the aisles hoping to get a new release while munching on popcorn? Or Saturday lunch at Zellers? Normally fries with gravy but one time deep-fried mushrooms with honey mustard dipping sauce which made me feel like a grown-up even though I was only eleven.

I miss Zellers.

Oh, I know! What about getting the Sears Christmas catalogue and circling ALL THE THINGS. Yes, I’m looking at your Lemon Skip-It.

Speaking of Christmas, I could use a good ol’ Lifesaver book right about now.

Anyhoo… I’m trying to focus on the good. And this week that goodness comes in the form of Andrea Mulder-Slater. Andrea is an artist and co-founder of KinderArt.com, and her art projects are BRILLIANT. Two of my favourites are:

Acorn Gem Caps
Doodle Art

So, my good is that Andrea has published a book to inspire creativity in your kids called: What Can I Draw Today: Daily Drawing Prompts For Young Artists, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. It’s to help children work on their creative skills and not worry about making mistakes because in this book there are no mistakes.

So if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or just something fun to get your kids off the tech and back into old school drawing, this is perfect.

And Andrea doesn’t know this but I’ve ordered one for myself.

Holy shit! Look at me being all cheerful and positive.

It’s time to lean into the good.

One thought on “Let’s Lean Into The Good

  1. I was never a blockbuster fan, but there was an independent video store called Casablanca video that I loved going to. They had all sorts of movies, not just the current hit parade. Then DVD started coming in, and soon the branch of that store closest to us closed. There was one in Marda Loop but that was a long way away, and it survived a while, but has closed. That was back in 2014 or 15 or so.

    There was a video store not far from us became the usual choice, then it went away, and a Roger’s Video came along within walking distance. By now it was pretty well all DVD. Neflix and it’s mailing DVD’s back and forth was a thing, and online delivery was almost a thing. Then Roger’s went away, and our vet moved into that space.

    I loved going out to the video store. When was the last time you did a movie night with friends? It’s been a long time. It was fun to go to the store and talk about the choice, picking out something that nobody had seen and yet we thought we would like. Or getting something we knew was good and didn’t mind seeing again. Every now and then there would be a good bad movie we couldn’t resist, and Linda had a talent for picking them out.

    There was an independent movie theatre called The Plaza. It showed old movies, art movies, film festival movies. For years we were regulars, and then somehow, somewhere along the way we stopped going. Other people stopped going, and earlier this year it closed it’s doors. Now there is only multiplexes showing boring superhero movies, and I don’t go out to movies hardly at all anymore. The last movie I saw in the theatre was Arrival.

    Somehow, scrolling through the online offerings at Neflix, or iTV or whatever, just isn’t the same. The library has some DVD and blue ray, but browsing there isn’t the same, and even more so not the same semi-post-covid.

    I think we’ve lost something important. We’ve lost one of the ways of relating to people. There’s something very companionable about the whole movie experience with friends. Choosing which one, enjoying the anticipation, sitting in a dark room watching it, maybe whispering comments to one another, holding your date’s hand or even fondling their body if allowed, and going for a treat and talking about it afterwards.


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