Fast Facts

I’m putting this here because none of these fit anywhere else and yet it’s all weirdly relevant.

In 2013 I decided to take up short track speed skating even though I had only skated three times in my adult life.

This then led me to sign up to race in a triathlon even though I didn’t know how to swim.

I seem to be attracted to sports where one has to wear full body lycra.

In 2013 I was also featured in a series of commercials with Galen Weston (yes, the President’s Choice guy) and the first commercial premiered during the Academy Awards. I thought that was going to be my peak of fame but I was wrong.

Three months later that commercial was spoofed on This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

I also appeared in a commercial with Sidney Crosby. I did that one for my son.

My writing also appears in The Hot Mom’s Handbook: Laugh and Feel Great from Playdate to Date Night…

I was chosen for my writing, not my hotness.

I was featured in the Toronto Star because, tarantulas.