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Sharon specializes in current topics relevant to parents with a dose of humour and humanity, as well as focusing on living a healthy lifestyle, and encouraging kids to be active. Below are samples of her work.

Huffington Post

Parenting a Child Who is Different
That Time I Had Enough and Went on Strike


My Spectacular Fail Was The Best Lesson I Could Have Given My Kids
This Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up With an Orgasm
To The Parents of the Baby Who Never Stops Screaming
This Ban on Capris is Absolutely Ridiculous
Winner of the 2017 Voices of Motherhood Contest: What They Don’t Tell You About Parenting
An Army of Ants and a Slushie Taught Me How to Save Thousands of Dollars

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Popular Halloween Costumes 2017
6 of the Most Common Phrases Moms Use


Mamas: Always Trust Your Gut Instinct
I Quit My Job To Walk Dogs and It Made Me a Better Mom

Today’s Parent

Finding Inspiration In Heroes Like Terry Fox
The Magic of Christmas
Should You Pay Your Kids to Do Chores: Nope
Dear New Moms: Let Your Baby Sleep On You

Life In Pleasantville

I Let My Life Go To The Dogs and Found Joy In The Process
Muskoka On The Cheap: Delawana Resort
How To Connect With Your Teens

Canadian Family

When You’re Delusional Enough To Think Speed Skating Will Be Easy

Ottawa Family Living Magazine

So You Want to Try a Triathlon

Toronto Star

Being Active Together: Good For Your Health, Good For Your Family