The Lasts Are Devious

It came up in my Facebook memories today. A cute post about Liam asking if I could still pick him up. When I replied yes, he shouted Yay! and I secretly shouted yay in my head as well.

That post was from a few years ago. Today, I can no longer pick him up. In fact, both my boys can now probably pick me up.

These are the lasts and nobody ever talks about them.

The lasts are devious. A last will sneak up on you and you have no idea it is gone until weeks or months have passed and by then it’s too late. It’s gone forever and you didn’t even realize it happened.

The last time he holds your hand.

The last time she quietly, or not so quietly, slips into your bed.

The last time you cuddle with her on the couch when she’s home sick.

The last time you walk your kids to school.

The last time you get to pick out their clothes.

There are the swing pushes and trips to the park that will disappear.

The field trips your child once begged you to come on? A distant memory.

The play dates you organized based on which moms you liked best will be replaced by school kids you may or may not know.

Bathtime play is swapped for showers behind closed, locked doors.

So always hold those hugs a little bit longer than you should because there will come a day when you go to wrap your arms around your kids and they will deftly duck out of the way.

And if you can still pick up one of your kids, do it today.

It may be your last time and you don’t even know it.


2 thoughts on “The Lasts Are Devious

  1. You never know with lasts. Sometimes it’s good, the last meeting with that toxic person, because the next day one of you gets a package and is skidded from the office. Or not so good, your colleagues packing their boxes after getting a package. The most poignant last for me was walking through part of the family farm where there was a play area I’d spent many happy hours. Homes were being sold, and all the goodies were going to be removed. My family owned 4 homes in a row, now only one.

    And how did I miss you starting a blog???


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