Well, I Didn’t See That Coming

stock market canada

Parenting teens during a pandemic amiright? LOLZ. *drinks wine*

2020 and now moving into 2021 has been a challenge. I’m happy/relieved I don’t have little kids at home because I can’t imagine how difficult it is to parent wee ones while working from home, attempting to have them log onto Zoom school AND stay focused (shoutout to all the kindergarten teachers!), plus getting all the rest of the shit done that needs to be done on a day-to-day basis.

Teens, for the most part, are self-sufficient. You can tell by the morning evidence left from their late-night traverse to the kitchen to make grilled cheese sandwiches. At some point during the pandemic I realized I am now raising raccoons. They sleep most of the day only to come out in the evening scavenging for food leaving torn cereal boxes and empty bread bags in their wake. But it’s that same self-sufficiency that makes it difficult to connect. You’d think there would be more chances since we’ve all been locked up together for months on end but between technology, bedroom doors, and the fact that none of us are going anywhere, the conversation starter ‘how was your day’ is now obsolete. There are days when I’m literally staring at a blank wall, wondering how I can connect.

Until we discovered the stock market. And when I say we, I mean my youngest son who found and downloaded a stock trading app, who then told my older son who also decided he wanted to be a mogul. I mean, I ‘knew’ about the stock market but I had never invested.

I would hear them talking about it. The stocks they bought, what the market was doing, whether they should buy or sell.

I wanted in.

So I downloaded the app and now we’re all trading. I have no idea what the hell I’m doing but that’s the genius of it. THEY ARE TEACHING ME. Like when I wrote down on a piece of paper what prices I purchased my stocks at and my younger teen explained to me how to add them to a finance page where I could track them instead of being Amish. And he did it without even rolling his eyes.

We’ve even started a competition where whoever has made the most money at the end of the week (and I’m talking less than two digit numbers here) is the winner and the loser has to buy him a coffee. I say him because so far I’m the loser.

Apparently I know just as much about stocks as I did about parenting when I pushed out a baby 19 years ago, but that worked out pretty well so I’m just going to go with it.

Oh, and now when I ask how their day is going, I get a response.

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