Day Two: My Kids Open Packages With a Weed Wacker, Apparently

I thought maybe rabid honey badgers had been let into my house to open packages/food, but no, just my kids. Hasn’t anyone done a YouTube tutorial showing you can open a cereal box without tearing it to shreds?

So far online all the updates have been Rudolph to the extreme, shiny and bright. Playing board games! Enjoying nature! Bonding with my kids! 

Next week it’s going to be, “The next person in this house who slurps their drink is going to be stabbed with a fork.” 

My parenting through the coronavirus was yelling at my kids: ONE OF YOU IS PLAYING BOARD GAMES WITH ME but I put off playing them yesterday since we were only on Day One. Why have all the fun at once?

In all seriousness, I am worried. Worried about finances, yes, but more in the back of my mind.  I have no control over that right now and I’ll deal with mortgage payments and hydro bills as it happens. We’re all in the same shitty, leaking financial boat and will be frantically tossing out the onslaught of bills with a bucket trying to keep afloat. A friend I do contract work for told me she can’t pay me because she’s not getting paid. I’m sad but I also know if we collectively don’t act like a bunch of big dicks, we’ll get through this. That means, if you’re a landlord, don’t be breathing down someone’s neck to get money, because they aren’t making money right now. It’s the trickle-down effect, but also up, sideways, diagonally, and every other fucking direction. However, I’m also a realist and if the Toilet Paper/Lysol hoarders taught me anything, it’s that there are definitely people who are going to act like big dicks.

Speaking of big dicks, please don’t send me that prank text anymore. The first time was funny, now I’m just scarred.

What worries me more are the numbers. On Monday morning in Canada we had 336 cases. As I write this at 6pm on Wednesday, we have 662. In the U.S. those numbers were 3,560 Monday vs. 8,600 today. Did we do enough in time to stop the curve? Only time will tell. THAT worries me.

As an aside, I had someone tear into me on the internet the other day. I had asked a question in a message board if a large, open area dog park was open. When I say large, I mean, acres. It’s in a local provincial park and whenever I brought Ella on the weekends it was empty. I thought it would be a nice option to get out into nature and for her to be able to run.

Anyhoo…. this guy WENTOFFONME. But instead of Kermit the Frog arms angry typing a response back, I tried a different route. Being calm.

Guess what happened? He explained that he was frustrated because people weren’t taking self-isolation seriously, meanwhile his partner is a healthcare worker on the front lines putting her own life at risk, and he has to move his daughter and himself out of the house and can’t see her. Then he apologized for taking it out on me.

If we all calm the fuck down, listen and show empathy, we’re going to be alright.

I’m making a concerted effort to exercise every day. So far I’m on a one day streak.

March 2020 has been a very long year.

Steps Taken Today: 13,000+
Sleep: 4/10
Stress: 6/10

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